Allgood International was established in 2011 to provide building material sourcing services for Real Estate Developer, Contractor, and Designer in Thailand.
Firstly as an importer of specialized sanitary ware products, as a result of tremendous development of Thai and South East Asia economy [AEC Community] over the past three years, Allgood International has steady growth and expansion by diversifying to specialize in the import and dis- tribution of solid surface products, Ceramic Sanitary Ware, Bathtub and Basin accessories as well as imported ironmongery for Door and Window products.

Since its inception, Allgood International has continuously endeavored to develop its business operation with the objectives of becoming a one- stop solution in distributing and manufacturing of premium quality prod- ucts and services for the highest level of customer satisfaction. Presently Allgood has maintained its reputation as the market building materials supplier for a wide range of highly successful project both residential and commercial throughout the country.


1S Search – Given lists of desire materials by buyer, we start off first stage; Searching for excellence product to suit project demand.


3S Standardize – quality control and assurance by us to ensure industrial standard approved.


2S Sourcing – Negotiating production timeframe and quoted pricing to meet project cost and time requirements.


4S Service – Logistically supply at one stop service; Door to door from Factory to Assigned address [Site, Warehouse, Company etc]. Free hassle for transportation and No hidden cost incur.

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